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SubjectRe: Weird I/O errors with USB hard drive not remounting filesystem readonly

On Mon 23-11-09 03:09:19, wrote:
> Okay, finally had some time to dismantle the machine in question and
> inserted the backup drive without the enclosure. Now that I was able to get
> smartctl to give me information on what was going on, it seems there's
> nothing wrong with the drive itself (no remapped sectors, nothing prefail or
> fail going wrong, drive's smart status is good) but it's had a history of
> 406 (!!!) errors reported, the last five happening within the same second,
> all of which seem (to my untrained eye) to imply a bad IDE cable. Which
> means likely my USB enclosure is screwing up.
> To be sure, I did some extended testing with it hooked up: Tried
> doing a full and incremental backup of my machine with no errors reported,
> as well as an offline and then immediately afterwards, long test via
> smartctl. Nothing changed in the output.
Yeah, from what you write, it looks like USB enclosure is at fault (or it
could still be your USB controller but I doubt it). It's still a bit
bothering that the error reported by the drive was not properly propagated
up to VFS. Either it's some block layer retry/ignore magic that I missed or
we ignore errors from block layer in some place.

Jan Kara <>

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