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SubjectRe: Bug#557262: 2.6.31+ XFS - All I/O locks up to D-state after 24-48 hours (sysrq-t+w available) - root cause found = asterisk
Justin Piszcz wrote:
> Found root cause-- root cause is asterisk PBX software. I use an
> When someone called me, they accidentally dropped the connection, I called
> them back in a short period. It is during this time (and the last time)
> this happened that the box froze under multiple(!) kernels, always when
> someone was calling.
> I don't know what asterisk is doing but top did run before the crash
> and asterisk was using 100% CPU and as I noted before all other processes
> were in D-state.
> When this bug occurs, it freezes I/O to all devices and the only way to
> recover
> is to reboot the system.
That's obviously *not* the root cause.

It's not normal for an application that isn't even privileged to hang
all I/O and, subsequently everything on a system.

This is almost probably a kernel issue and asterisk just does something
that triggers this bug.


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