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    SubjectRe: [patch] x86: reduce srat verbosity in the kernel log

    > There's two problems outlined in this discussion:
    > A) too verbose bootup that is annoying with 64 CPUs and a show-stopper
    > with 4096 CPUs.
    > B) the ad-hoc nature of our topology enumeration. Some of it is in
    > /sys, some of it is in printk logs. None really works well and
    > there's no structure in it.
    > The simplest solution for (A) is what i suggested a few mails ago: dont
    > print the information by default, but allow (for trouble-shooting)
    > purposes for it to be printed when a boot option is passed.

    Well, yes, it is *simplest*, but is it best? Example printing 'cpus
    0-31 stepping 3, cpus 32-63 stepping 4' seem rather convincing --such
    info should be there by default and not after speciial option...
    (cesky, pictures)

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