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SubjectRe: linux-next: microblaze tree build failure
Yes, this should be rejected.  I have submitted an updated patch to
linuxppc-dev and devicetree-discuss.

I'm not sure how this patch git picked up, I didn't think it did.
Looking at the coimmit it appears that only patch 1/4 of the patchset
was picked up.

-Nathan Fontenot

Stephen Rothwell wrote:
> Hi Michal,
> Today's linux-next build (powerpc ppc64_defconfig) failed like this:
> arch/powerpc/platforms/built-in.o: In function `.ofdt_write':
> reconfig.c:(.text+0xca08): undefined reference to `.of_attach_node'
> arch/powerpc/platforms/built-in.o: In function `.do_device_node':
> vio.c:(.text+0x1be2c): undefined reference to `.of_attach_node'
> Caused by commit 5d0c1c076548e1f8d590a2f70f281b4eb7b3aeb2 ("Merge
> of_attach_node") which I have reverted for today. That patch is missing
> an update to drivers/of/Makefile at least ... and probably some other
> stuff as well.

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