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    Subjectfirmware loading interface

    I'm working for a company which is manufacturing a new pci card. The
    details are probably irrelevant at this stage, but for those who might
    be concerned the driver will be covered by the GPL and submitted
    upstream at or before the launch of the card.

    Currently I'm investigating how to provide firmware upgrades for the
    card, and I've been looking at the request_firmware api. All of the
    documentation (and mails that I've read from lkml archives) suggest that
    request_firmware is for use with devices without firmware stored in
    flash or eeprom, and to load it in to memory at initialisation of the

    However our device will have flash to store the firmware in and, whilst
    it looks as though it would be possible for us to use request_firmware
    to provide occasional firmware upgrades from userspace, I can't find any
    reference as to whether this is an accepted method for doing so. Could
    someone please confirm for me whether or not it's a good idea to use
    request_firmware for this, or perhaps point me at another standard
    method for doing firmware updates from userspace?

    Please note that I am not subscribed to this mailing list, so could
    anyone responding please CC me in their response.

    Philip Downer

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