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    Subject[PATCH 00/11] cciss: driver updates
    Updates for cciss, main items are: retry driver initiated commands
    on unit attention condition, do not automatically rescan for devices
    on unit attention, support for more scatter gather elements and larger

    Alex Chiang (1):
    cciss: Make device attributes static

    Don Brace (1):
    cciss: Add enhanced scatter-gather support.

    Stephen M. Cameron (9):
    cciss: Fix problem with remove_from_scan_list on driver unload
    cciss: Retry driver initiated cmds with unit attention condition
    cciss: Remove the "withirq" parameter from various functions where possible
    cciss: clean up code in cciss_shutdown
    cciss: remove sendcmd() as it is no longer used.
    cciss: fix typo that causes scsi status to be lost.
    cciss: Remove unnecessary check in scan_thread
    cciss: Do not automatically rescan on UNIT ATTENTION/LUN DATA CHANGED
    cciss: Fix weird usage of ENXIO in cciss_scsi.c

    drivers/block/cciss.c | 549 +++++++++++++++++++++-----------------------
    drivers/block/cciss.h | 18 +
    drivers/block/cciss_cmd.h | 7 -
    drivers/block/cciss_scsi.c | 4
    4 files changed, 283 insertions(+), 295 deletions(-)

    -- steve

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