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SubjectRe: BKL: Remove BKL from Squashfs
Phillip Lougher wrote:

> This patch was prompted by Jan Blunck's "Push down BKL to the
> filesystems" patch
> series, where he firstly pushes the BKL down to individual filesystems
> (even if they don't need it) , and then successively removes them
> (on a one patch per filesystem basis) in later patches.
> The patch should be reviewed in the context that it is intended for Jan's
> BKL removal patch series.

Jan and/or Matthew,

Can you please ACK this patch, and say whether you're going to
add it to your BKL patch series? (I'm happy for it to go through
there, rather than my Squashfs tree).

After reviewing your patches, it seems to me that the BKL isn't
needed in Squashfs. You removed it from 23 filesystems because
it's not protecting any shared state, on that basis it isn't needed
needed in Squashfs either.



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