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    SubjectRe: wrong final bzImage build (regading #14270)
    H. Peter Anvin пишет:
    > On 10/09/2009 07:58 AM, Cyrill Gorcunov wrote:
    >> Peter and Sam CC'ed
    >> [Michael Tokarev - Fri, Oct 09, 2009 at 06:17:50PM +0400]
    >>> Ok, finally the mystery solved. After a week of
    >>> digging.
    >>> The original problem was titled "Cannot boot on
    >>> a PIII Celeron", and Rafael filed a bug #14270
    >>> for this.
    >>> In short, what I observed was that a new kernel
    >>> (2.6.31) fails to boot on a PIII Celeron machine.
    >>> But changing just the CPU to plain PIII and voila,
    >>> it now works. I don't know why it behaved this
    >>> way, but I found where was the problem, finally.
    > We should switch to printf here. Hexadecimal constants in echo aren't
    > guaranteed by POSIX.

    That's what I initially proposed. However, as Scott Olson pointed
    out, there's already a fix for this:

    which uses still-non-portable /bin/echo.

    (I wish I knew about it a week before now - it wasn't a pleasant week for me).

    Still an interesting result. I can understand if it failed
    for systems with smaller amounts of memory, -- nope, it fails
    with Celeron on a 64Mb system, but works on the same system
    if I replace the CPU to a real PIII... Fun.

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