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SubjectRe: system gets stuck in a lock during boot
Steven Rostedt wrote:
> On Wed, 2009-10-07 at 08:52 -0700, Justin P. Mattock wrote:
>> What I think is happening is while building
>> sysvinit with the SELinux patch, sysvinit is looking
>> in /lib for libselinux(but could be wrong) but libselinux is in
>> /lib64.
>> (here's my excuse as a newbie:)
>> part of a pain when building an x86_64 multilib is building
>> everything to point to lib64(pure64 with the soft link
>> lib64 -> lib makes life so much easier).
>> I'm going to look at that patch and see how it tells
>> -lselinux -lsepol to find the libs.
>> (if this is the case then I must admit I am a real
>> newbie, and apologize for the confusion).
> Justin,
> Just being able to monkey around with the init code on top of SELinux
> already qualifies you to be well beyond a newbie ;-)
> -- Steve
yep like I said I owe you guys an apology, for
my mistake(thanks for taking the time).

From what it looks like init was looking for libselinux
in /lib instead of /lib64.
after adjusting the Makefile and adding:
LDFLAGS = -s -L/lib64 -lselinux -lsepol
the system boots right up.
(sh*t built everything to point to lib64(xserver and all).., and
forgot the modify init.c to do the same).

Justin P. Mattock

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