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SubjectUsing set_irq_handler in set_irq_type callback?

I'm seeing an imx31 (ARCH=arm) based system failing to boot .31.2-rt13.

The reason is that the irq for the ethernet device is level triggered,
but the handler for that interrupt is handle_edge_irq.
As the handler is threaded with PREEMPT_RT=y, the irq is only acked but
neither masked (as it is believed to be an edge irq) nor handled. This
stucks the machine as the irq is still active.

I think the fix for that is adding something like:

if (type & IRQ_TYPE_EDGE_BOTH)
set_irq_handler(irq, handle_edge_irq);
set_irq_handler(irq, handle_level_irq);

to the chip's .set_type callback. (Doing this directly fails, as
.set_type holds desc->lock which set_irq_handler acquires, too. So
maybe I need to code up a handler that checks how a given irq triggers
and then calls handle_edge_irq or handle_level_irq.)

The thing that let's me question that change is that I only found[1] a
single .set_type callback that does something like that (i.e.

Do I just miss something or are there more than one platforms that are
in the need of handling this issue, too?

Best regards

[1] checking files found by

git grep -c set_irq_handler | awk -F: '$2 >= 2'

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