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SubjectRe: pidns memory leak
Daniel Lezcano [] wrote:
> Hi,
> I am facing a problem with the pid namespace when I launch the following
> lxc commands:
> lxc-execute -n foo sleep 3600 &
> ls -al /proc/$(pidof lxc-init)/exe && lxc-stop -n foo
> All the processes related to the container are killed, but there is
> still a refcount on the pid_namespace which is never released.

Thanks for the bug report.

Did you notice any leak in 'struct pids' also or just the pid_namespace ?
If the pids are not leaking, this may be slightly different from the problem
Catalin Marinas ran into:

And the pid_namespace does not seem to reproduce for me, with out the
'ls -al /proc/...' above, or with the simpler 'ns_exec' approach to
creating pid namespace.

I am going through the code for lxc-execute, but does it remount /proc
in the container ?


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