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    SubjectRe: futex question
    On Sun, 4 Oct 2009, Anirban Sinha wrote:

    > >> 1) What caused you to instrument this path in the first place? Were you
    > >> seeing some unexpected behavior?
    > >>
    > >> 2) I wonder why we would need to clear the robust list, but I don't see other
    > >> things like pi_blocked_on, etc. in execve being cleared. I'm looking into
    > >> this now (perhaps we don't do the same cleanup, need to check).... have to get
    > >> on the plane...
    > >
    > > Hmm, just setting the robust list pointer to NULL fixes the problem at
    > > hand, but I wonder whether we need to call exit_robust_list() as
    > > well.

    > hmm. That is an interesting thought. But I wonder if acquiring a
    > lock and then exec()ing in the critical section is a legal thing to

    It's definitely legal. There is no law which forbids to do that. :)

    > do. It does not feel right. Currently, with or without my change,
    > such a thing would indefinitely block other waiters on the same
    > futex.

    Right. Which completely defeats the purpose of the robust list. Will
    have a look tomorrow.



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