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    SubjectRe: [Bug #14270] Cannot boot on a PIII Celeron
    [Michael Tokarev - Sun, Oct 04, 2009 at 04:14:44PM +0400]
    >> I switched to BZIP2, it booted fine. I switched back to LZMA -
    >> and that one now boots too. Original bzImage, which were built
    >> by the same compiler from the same source using the same
    >> options reboots.
    >> So um... I'm now trying to reproduce it ;)
    > I performed about 20 kernel recompiles, and finally have some "statistics".
    > The problem is almost reproduceable, in a sense that I was able to get 6
    > more cases behaving the same way (rebooting right at early boot on a cel).
    > And all 3 "non-working" cases were with ccache. Ie, about half out of ~25
    > compiles done with ccache, and 7 of the resulting kernels are buggy. No
    > single failure without ccache so far.
    > Maybe it's some stale .o file cached by ccache (and it indeed looks like
    > that) -- I didn't try to remove the cache yet (but my guess is that I
    > wont be able to reproduce the issue with clean cache anymore).
    > What puzzles me most is the "failure mode". The difference between the
    > two processors is minimal. Having a corrupt .o file and almost-working
    > kernel is almost impossible by its own. And hitting this difference with
    > a corrupt .o file is.. unbelievable.
    > So I'm declaring it's a false alarm for now, and closing the bug.

    ok, thanks for hard work on this Michael!

    > /mjt
    -- Cyrill

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