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    SubjectRe: [PATCH 2/8] param: use ops in struct kernel_param, rather than get and set fns directly
    At Fri, 23 Oct 2009 00:51:28 +1030,
    Rusty Russell wrote:
    > This is more kernel-ish, saves some space, and also allows us to
    > expand the ops without breaking all the callers who are happy for the
    > new members to be NULL.
    > The few places which defined their own param types are changed to the
    > new scheme.
    > Since we're touching them anyway, we change get and set to take a
    > const struct kernel_param (which they were, and will be again).
    > To reduce churn, module_param_call creates the ops struct so the callers
    > don't have to change (and casts the functions to reduce warnings).
    > The modern version which takes an ops struct is called module_param_cb.

    This is nice, as it also reduces the size of struct kernel_param, so
    each parameter uses less footprint (who cares, though?) :)

    But, just wondering whether we still need to export get/set
    functions. They can be called from ops now, so if any, it can be
    defined even as an inlinefunction or a macro.



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