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Subjectftrace WARNING during boot
This is perhaps already fixed, as I have two a bit newer kernels than this one,
but reporting is better than being silent..

kernel: rtc_cmos 00:04: setting system clock to 2009-10-02 23:21:17 UTC (1254525677)
kernel: Initalizing network drop monitor service
kernel: Freeing unused kernel memory: 3196k freed
kernel: NX-protecting the kernel data: ffffffff8150e000, 4469 pages
kernel: Write protecting the kernel read-only data: 7392k
kernel: dracut: dracut-002-2.gitc53acc30.fc12
kernel: udev: starting version 145
kernel: usb 1-5: new high speed USB device using ehci_hcd and address 4
kernel: ------------[ cut here ]------------
kernel: WARNING: at kernel/trace/ftrace.c:1003 ftrace_bug+0x198/0x27e() (Not tainted)
kernel: Hardware name: System Product Name
kernel: Modules linked in: i2c_core(+)
kernel: Pid: 87, comm: modprobe Not tainted 2.6.31-33.fc12.x86_64 #1
kernel: Call Trace:
kernel: [<ffffffff810642ec>] warn_slowpath_common+0x95/0xc3
kernel: [<ffffffffa0003072>] ? i2c_new_dummy+0x8/0x5e [i2c_core]
kernel: [<ffffffff81064341>] warn_slowpath_null+0x27/0x3d
kernel: [<ffffffff810d4ace>] ftrace_bug+0x198/0x27e
kernel: [<ffffffffa0003072>] ? i2c_new_dummy+0x8/0x5e [i2c_core]
kernel: [<ffffffff810d5d26>] ftrace_convert_nops+0x201/0x2b9
kernel: [<ffffffffa0003072>] ? i2c_new_dummy+0x8/0x5e [i2c_core]
kernel: [<ffffffff810d5e2a>] ftrace_module_notify+0x4c/0x7f
kernel: [<ffffffff81509c65>] notifier_call_chain+0x72/0xba
kernel: [<ffffffff81086e71>] ? __blocking_notifier_call_chain+0x4c/0x8e
kernel: [<ffffffff81086e88>] __blocking_notifier_call_chain+0x63/0x8e
kernel: [<ffffffff81086eda>] blocking_notifier_call_chain+0x27/0x3d
kernel: [<ffffffff810a472a>] sys_init_module+0xb7/0x249
kernel: [<ffffffff81011f42>] system_call_fastpath+0x16/0x1b
kernel: ---[ end trace fbf9054ae0f212c7 ]---
kernel: ftrace faulted on writing [<ffffffffa0003072>] i2c_new_dummy+0x8/0x5e [i2c_core]
kernel: usb 1-5: New USB device found, idVendor=0424, idProduct=2504
kernel: usb 1-5: New USB device strings: Mfr=0, Product=0, SerialNumber=0
kernel: usb 1-5: configuration #1 chosen from 1 choice
kernel: hub 1-5:1.0: USB hub found
kernel: hub 1-5:1.0: 4 ports detected

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