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SubjectRe: Memory overcommit
On Thu, 29 Oct 2009, Vedran Furac wrote:

> But then you should rename OOM killer to TRIPK:
> Totally Random Innocent Process Killer

The randomness here is the order of the child list when the oom killer
selects a task, based on the badness score, and then tries to kill a child
with a different mm before the parent.

The problem you identified in, however, is a
forkbomb issue where the badness score should never have been so high for
kdeinit4 compared to "test". That's directly proportional to adding the
scores of all disjoint child total_vm values into the badness score for
the parent and then killing the children instead.

That's the problem, not using total_vm as a baseline. Replacing that with
rss is not going to solve the issue and reducing the user's ability to
specify a rough oom priority from userspace is simply not an option.

> If you have OOM situation and Xorg is the first, that means it's leaking
> memory badly and the system is probably already frozen/FUBAR. Killing
> krunner in that situation wouldn't do any good. From a user perspective,
> nothing changes, system is still FUBAR and (s)he would probably reboot
> cursing linux in the process.

It depends on what you're running, we need to be able to have the option
of protecting very large tasks on production servers. Imagine if "test"
here is actually a critical application that we need to protect, its
not solely mlocked anonymous memory, but still kill if it is leaking
memory beyond your approximate 2.5GB. How do you do that when using rss
as the baseline?

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