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SubjectRe: Memory overcommit
David Rientjes wrote:

> Right, because in Vedran's latest oom log it shows that Xorg is preferred
> more than any other thread other than the memory hogging test program with
> your patch than without. I pointed out a clear distinction in the killing
> order using both total_vm and rss in that log and in my opinion killing
> Xorg as opposed to krunner would be undesireable.

But then you should rename OOM killer to TRIPK:
Totally Random Innocent Process Killer

If you have OOM situation and Xorg is the first, that means it's leaking
memory badly and the system is probably already frozen/FUBAR. Killing
krunner in that situation wouldn't do any good. From a user perspective,
nothing changes, system is still FUBAR and (s)he would probably reboot
cursing linux in the process.

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