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    Subject[RFC Patch 0/4] Enhance perf-events to profile memory accesses using hw-breakpoints
    Hi All,
    Please review a set of patches that enhance the
    perf-events infrastructure to use hw-breakpoints layer to monitor accesses over
    kernel-space addresses/symbols, apart from bringing a few related enhancements
    to the hw-breakpoint layer.

    These patches are still under development and is based off -tip tree
    (commit 77a088cd30a7bd2c700bf57544732fff6971305e) and are known to have a few
    issues (listed in patch 3/3).

    Patch 1/4: Allow per-cpu kernel-space Hardware Breakpoint requests
    (originally posted here
    Patch 2/4: Allow breakpoints to be enabled/disabled on the fly (without yielding
    them to other contenders).
    Patch 3/4: Bugfix HW-BKPT: Fix traceback seen when resuming after suspend-to-ram
    Patch 4/4: Enhance perf-events to profile memory accesses over kernel symbols

    Comments on the same will be appreciated!


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