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SubjectRe: [RFC] to rebase or not to rebase on linux-next
Steven Rostedt wrote:
> Some of the reasons for the constant rebasing are:
> 1) the patches are held in quilt, which just by nature leads to
> rebasing. These developers find that quilt is the best tool for the
> job.

It shouldn't be difficult to implement a git-quiltimport porcelain which
- remembers a previous import of a quilt tree,
- compares that one ( = an existing branch) with a new quilt import
( = a new branch),
- reuses all commits of the old import which have identical diffs/
changelog/ authorship/ parent changeset as ones in the new import,
- discards (or reverts?) commits of the old import that don't match
the new import in this way,
- finally rebases all remaining commits from the new import onto the
kept old ones.

[OTOH the whole discussion is not about stable SHA1s in linux-next per
se, AFAIU, but about stability of (the history of) the code which is
released into linux-next, or about misuse of linux-next for more than
final integration-testing...?]
Stefan Richter
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