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SubjectRe: [performance problem] CONFIG_DYNAMIC_FTRACE: Increased kernel build times
2009/10/23 Ingo Molnar <> wrote:
> Steve,
> i did an 64-bit allyesconfig build test (with debug_info disabled), with
> and without CONFIG_DYNAMIC_FTRACE set.
> The build time results are:
>  +CONFIG_DYNAMIC_FTRACE:   296.07 (+11.2%)
> So we get more than 10% build time overhead.
> That's quite high - higher than what i remember having measured
> originally when the first iteration of the mcount code went in.
> This extra overhead comes from the mcount post-processing script
> (scripts/ that runs objcopy as well and is written in
> Perl. I think this whole angle needs to be improved - 10% is way too
> high of a price to pay.

Hi Ingo, do you still have the profiling data to share with us?
Was the problem more in objcopy / objdump, rather than in the perl script


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