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SubjectRe: [RFC][PATCH 2/2] binfmt_elf: FatELF support for kernel modules.
On 10/19/09 21:54, Ryan C. Gordon wrote:
> I can understand that concern, but I worry about refusing to take steps
> that would aid free software developers in case it might help the
> closed-source people, too.

Any open source driver should be encouraged to be merged with mainline
Linux so there's no need to distribute them separately. With the
staging/ tree, that's easier than ever.

I don't see much upside in making it "easier" to distribute binary-only
open source drivers separately. (It wouldn't help that much, in the
end; the modules would still be compiled for some finite set of kernels,
and if the user wants to use something else they're still stuck.)

> Those that will behave badly will do so regardless of file formats, but
> distros shipping nothing but GPL'd software and in-tree drivers would
> benefit from this more than another misguided company that probably
> doesn't care about multiple CPU architectures anyhow.

Well, ideally a fat module would allow modules for multiple kernels to
be bundled together (same and/or different architectures), which is
primarily useful for 3rd-party binary distributions.


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