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    SubjectRe: [PATCH 05/10] omap1: Fix DSP public peripherals support for ams-delta
    * Jon Hunter <> [091022 16:22]:
    > Tony Lindgren wrote:
    >> From: Janusz Krzysztofik <>
    >> DSP public peripherals used to work on OMAP1510 based (or all OMAP1 class?)
    >> machines as long as old dspgateway code were present in the l-o tree. For
    >> several months it is no longer included, breaking support for McBSP1 based
    >> audio on Amstrad Delta, for example.
    >> This patch, derived from the old dspgateway code, corrects the problem for the
    >> board by simply taking the DSP out of reset state, I guess. That way, things
    >> should not break when a new dsp code is added to the tree, and the change can
    >> be reverted then.
    > A minor comment/correction here. Although this bit is called "DSP_RST"
    > this does not actually release the DSP from reset. This bit actually
    > releases the reset for the "priority registers (TIPB module), EMIF
    > configuration registers, and the MPUI control logic (partially) in the
    > DSP", thus allowing you to access the DSP peripherals via the MPUI. Bit
    > 1 of the same register, called "DSP_EN", actually releases the DSP reset.

    Thanks for clarifying that.

    >> If there are any reports on McBSP1 or other DSP public peripherals not working
    >> for other OMAP1 machines (I've not heard of any for now), I can prepare a more
    >> general patch providing an extra include file with a helper function defined.
    > This would be necessary for all OMAP15xx based devices that use McBSP1
    > (or McBSP3 for that matter). However, I am not sure if it is common for
    > other boards to use McBSP1 for audio.

    Yeah, I guess currently only board-ams-delta.c needs this for audio.
    But that could of course change once there are more 15xx boards using ASoC.



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