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SubjectRe: [RFC][v8][PATCH 9/10]: Define clone3() syscall

On Wed, Oct 21, 2009 at 3:03 PM, H. Peter Anvin <> wrote:
> On 10/21/2009 01:26 PM, Michael Kerrisk wrote:
>> My question here is: what does "3" actually mean? In general, system
>> calls have not followed any convention of numbering to indicate
>> successive versions -- clone2() being the one possible exception that
>> I know of.
> "3" is number of arguments.

sys_clone3(struct clone_struct __user *ucs, pid_t __user *pids)

It appears to me that the number of arguments is 2.

> It's better than "extended" or something like
> that simply because "extended" just means "more than", and a number at least
> tells you *how much more than*.

I'm not sure why you think including a number in the name tells us
"how much more than". Unless you are considering the numbering to be
version numbers, which apparently is not what you mean.



Michael Kerrisk
Linux man-pages maintainer;
Author of "The Linux Programming Interface"

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