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    SubjectRe: Commit 34d76c41 causes linker errors on ia64 with NR_CPUS=4096

    Ingo Molnar wrote:
    > Still looks like a bug if it causes a breakage (linker error) on IA64,

    In a sense, yes.

    > and if the 'fix' (i'd call it a workaround) causes a (small but nonzero)
    > performance regression on other architectures.

    Yeah, by small amount but also reduces memory usage quite a bit. For
    this case, I think dynamic allocation is actually the right thing to

    Extending the first chunk size shouldn't be difficult on ia64 but
    other than this, there still is a lot of room left with the current
    64k limit, so I think we should be safe for a while. BTW, I also am
    curious how lockdep has been coping with the limit.



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