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Subject[ANNOUNCE] Initial release of tcm_loop.ko virtual SCSI fabric module TCM Core 3.2
Greetings all,

I am happy to announce the first release of the tcm_loop.ko virtual SCSI
fabric module for TCM Core v3.2 that provides CDB-level SPC-3 and above
emulation for SAS Target and Initiator Port Addresses. This allows
virtual TCM storage objects like BLOCK, FILEIO and RAMDISK to be
presented as locally accessable Linux/SCSI devices (/dev/sdz) using CDB
level emulation capable of TCM/LIO v3.2 T10 NAA WWN naming, Persistent
Reservations, and ALUA logic.

So far, sg_persist is able to span reservations between multiple
emulated SAS I_T Nexues, as well as across iSCSI Target Ports for the
same TCM backend storage object. Also, the ability to pass the locally
accessable TCM_Loop virtual SCSI luns using scsi_generic SG_IO
passthrough into VM guests of different operating systems (RHEL5 and
NetBSD5 for example) is also up and running on top of the vmw6
hypervisor mpt-fusion HBA emulation on a Linux v2.6.32-rc5 host.

For more information and screenshots, please see:

Here is the original running commit for the kernel piece:;a=commitdiff;h=10eae38203a01a26fca3b2097f13e48a0ba2d38f

And the CLI commit:;a=commitdiff;h=564dcf1733bb8591f02900c644f0694e1fb2af35

There is still some of work to be done in tcm_loop_configfs.c, and the
struct scsi_host_template for the emulated SCSI LLD is pretty much just
queuecommand() and proc() currently, so it needs TMR LUN_RESET. Also
can_queue needs to be ramped up to 32 and ENABLE_CLUSTERING set, and so
far the tcm_loop virtual SCSI LUNs are able to pass simple badblocks
tests, and able to push bulk I/O.



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