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    Subject[patch v4 0/3] aio: implement request batching

    In this, the 4th iteration of the patch set, I've addressed the concerns
    of Jens and Zach as follows:

    - In the O_DIRECT write path, we get rid of WRITE_ODIRECT in favor of
    - request batching is only done for AIO operations that could
    potentially benefit from it
    - Initialization of the hash table is done using the gcc array
    initialization syntax

    Further, I got rid of a compiler warning that I had introduced in the
    last patch set. I'll continue to test this under a variety of loads,
    but would certainly appreciate it if others could give it a spin.

    Patch overview / reason for existence:

    Some workloads issue batches of small I/Os, and the performance is poor
    due to the call to blk_run_address_space for every single iocb. Nathan
    Roberts pointed this out, and suggested that by deferring this call
    until all I/Os in the iocb array are submitted to the block layer, we
    can realize some impressive performance gains.

    For example, running against a simple SATA disk driving a queue depth of
    128, we can improve the performance of O_DIRECT writes twofold for 4k
    I/Os, and similarly impressive numbers for other I/O sizes:

    For read workloads on somewhat faster storage, we see similar benefits
    for batches of smaller I/Os as well:
    That's 230+MB/s for vanilla 4k reads, batches of 16 vs. 410MB/s for
    patched. When there are multiple threads competing for the disk, I
    haven't witnessed such crazy numbers, however.


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