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SubjectX hangs with blank screen on 2.6.32-rc4 / Intel 915GM

Trying 2.6.32-rc4 on my Toshiba R200 laptop running Debian Squeeze leads
to a blank screen with a flashing cursor in the top left when X starts.
If startup in such a way that X isn't automatically started the console
is fine, but starting X manually still leads to the hang. The machine
seems unresponsive at this point - I can't switch to a normal console
and the laptop fan comes on in a manner that suggests the CPU is
chugging away. works fine.

X versions are as per up-to-date Squeeze - Xorg 7.4 with Intel 2.9.0.

I tried without VGA_ARB as that seemed to be the largest related change
that might affect X but not the console, but it didn't make a

dmesg from non X boot, Kernel config and lspci -vv output at:

I don't really have time at present to get involved in a full bisect,
but I can potentially try over the weekend if there's nothing more
obvious to try first.


"The actual chances of it blowing are about one" - Lister

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