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SubjectRe: [RFC][v8][PATCH 0/10] Implement clone3() system call
Roland McGrath [] wrote:
| Some userland debugging things and so forth like to look at the clone_flags
| argument, so that is kept simpler for them if it stays in a register
| (i.e. its own argument) rather than a user pointer fetch for that argument.
| Any problem with:
| sys_clone3(unsigned long clone_flags,
| struct clone_struct __user *cs, pid_t __user *pids)
| ?

My only concern is the support of 64-bit clone flags on 32-bit architectures.
We would need an additional register/parameter, clone_flags_high ? Also,
hopefully we won't need more than 64 flags, but if we do, the plan AFACIT,
was that we could use one of the reserved fields.

| That also has the side benefit that instead of non-ia64 users forever
| asking, "Why is it clone3 when there is no clone2?" you can instead pretend
| that it follows the "clone3 because it takes three arguments" convention. ;-)
| Btw, IMHO "struct foo_struct" is one of the lamest naming conventions ever.
| How about "struct clone_args"?

Sure :-) In earlier version of patches I had mixed up clone_struct and
clone_arg in comments/descriptions and cleaned up in this version.
| Also, if you were to replace:
| u64 child_stack;
| with:
| u64 child_stack_base;
| u64 child_stack_size;
| and use in sys_clone3 (for most arch's):
| child_stack_ptr = kcs.child_stack_base + kcs.child_stack_size;
| then the same clone3 interface would cover ia64 as well.


| Thanks,
| Roland

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