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    SubjectRe: ERESTARTSYS escaping from sem_wait with RTLinux patch
    Blaise Gassend wrote:
    >> When 3495 finally get's to run and complete it's futex_wake() call, the task
    >> still needs to be woken, so we wake it - but now it's enqueued with a different
    >> futex_q, which now has a valid lock_ptr, so upon wake-up we expect a signal!
    >> OK, I believe this establishes root cause. Now to come up with a fix...
    > Wow, good work Darren! You definitely have more experience than I do at
    > tracking down these in-kernel races, and I'm glad we have you looking at
    > this. I'm snarfing up useful techniques from your progress emails.

    Great, I learn a lot from reading other people's status-type email as
    well. Glad I can be on the contributing end once and a while :)

    > So if I understand correctly, there is a race between wake_futex and a
    > timeout (or a signal, but AFAIK when my python example is running
    > steady-state there are no signals). The problem occurs when wake_futex
    > gets preempted half-way through, after it has NULLed lock_ptr, but
    > before it has woken up the waiter. If a timeout/signal wakes the waiter,
    > and the waiter runs and starts waiting again before the waker resumes,
    > then the waker will end up waking the waiter a second time, without the
    > lock_ptr for the second wait being NULLified. This causes the waiter to
    > mis-interpret what woke it and leads to the fault we observed.
    > Now I am wondering if the workaround described here
    > for what seems like this same problem isn't actually a legitimate fix.
    > It ends up looking something like this: (lines 3 and 4 are new)
    > ret = -ERESTARTSYS;
    > if (!abs_time) {
    > if (!signal_pending(current))
    > set_tsk_thread_flag(current,TIF_SIGPENDING);
    > goto out_put_key;
    > }

    The trouble with this is it is a bandaid to a fundamentally broken
    wake-up path. I tried flagging the waiters on the wake-list as already
    woken and then skipping them in the wake_futex_list(), but this got ugly
    really fast.

    Talking with Thomas a bit more we're not sure the patch that introduced
    this lockless waking actually does any good, as the normal wakeup path
    doesn't take the hb->lock anyway, it's more likely the contention was
    due to an app like this that wakes a task and almost immediately puts it
    back to sleep on a futex before the waker has a chance to drop the hb->lock.

    The futex wake-up path is complicated enough as it is, in my personal
    opinion, we are better off dropping the "lockless wake-up" patch and
    removing the race and simplifying the wake-up path at the same time.

    Darren Hart
    IBM Linux Technology Center
    Real-Time Linux Team

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