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Subject2.6.32-rc4 ipw2200: oops on missing firmware

See the screenshot at During bootup,
initramfs-tools tried to load the ipw2200 module, but nobody fed it
the necessary firmware, so request_firmware timed out and the module
unload cleanup oopsed in device_pm_remove:

void device_pm_remove(struct device *dev)
pr_debug("PM: Removing info for %s:%s\n",
dev->bus ? dev->bus->name : "No Bus",

00000a0a <device_pm_remove>:
a0a: 55 push %ebp
a0b: 89 e5 mov %esp,%ebp
a0d: 53 push %ebx
a0e: 89 c3 mov %eax,%ebx
a10: b8 08 00 00 00 mov $0x8,%eax
a15: e8 fc ff ff ff call a16 <device_pm_remove+0xc>
a1a: 8d 4b 5c lea 0x5c(%ebx),%ecx
a1d: 8b 53 5c mov 0x5c(%ebx),%edx
a20: 8b 43 60 mov 0x60(%ebx),%eax
a23: 89 42 04 mov %eax,0x4(%edx)
a26: 89 10 mov %edx,(%eax)
a28: 89 4b 5c mov %ecx,0x5c(%ebx)
a2b: 89 4b 60 mov %ecx,0x60(%ebx)
a2e: b8 08 00 00 00 mov $0x8,%eax
a33: e8 fc ff ff ff call a34 <device_pm_remove+0x2a>
a38: 89 d8 mov %ebx,%eax
a3a: e8 fc ff ff ff call a3b <device_pm_remove+0x31>
a3f: 5b pop %ebx
a40: 5d pop %ebp
a41: c3 ret

The offending IP translates to line a23, so the problem is edx being 0
at that point. I'm not sure which struct device field has offset
0x5c, maybe power, but I'm lost at this point anyway.

I don't know whether it's a new bug or not, never did such insane
things previously. rmmod ipw2200 definitely worked under 2.6.31, and
it's possible that it works under 2.6.32-rc4 too, I forgot to check
that (but will do so tonight).

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