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    SubjectRe: [PATCH 0/3] extend get/setrlimit to support setting rlimits external to a process (v5)
    On Mon, 12 Oct 2009 12:13:42 -0400
    Neil Horman <> wrote:

    > Its been requested often that we have the ability to read and modify process
    > rlimit values from contexts external to the owning process. Ideally this allows
    > sysadmins to adjust rlimits on long running processes wihout the need to stop
    > and restart those processes, which incurs undesireable downtime. This patch
    > enables that functionality, It does so in two places. First it enables process
    > limit setting by writing to the /proc/pid/limits file a string in the format:
    > <limit> <current limit> <max limit> > /proc/<pid>/limits
    > where limit is one of
    > [as,core,cpu,data,fsize,locks,memlock,msgqueue,nice,nofile,nproc,rss,rtprio,rttime]
    > Secondly it allows for programatic setting of these limits via 2 new syscalls,
    > getprlimit, and setprlimit, which act in an identical fashion to getrlimit and
    > setrlimit respectively, except that they except a process id as an extra
    > argument, to specify the process id of the rlimit values that you wish to
    > read/write

    I'm still not seeing why we need the /proc interface.

    We've been using a syscall to set rlimits for ever and we've survived.

    It just adds bloat and complexity to the kernel because putting a
    100-line tool into util-linux is All Too Hard.

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