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    SubjectRe: [RFC] Privilege dropping security module
    > Yeah, and now your ~/.ssh/identity is being uploaded to remote server.

    The given policy sets the home directory (including ~/.ssh/) to `X'
    which does not include read access, so ~/.ssh/identity should be safe.
    There are some other problems with this particular policy though, /tmp/
    is still readable for example.

    > I believe people are already sandboxing apps with selinux...

    Yes, some people (including myself) are already using selinux, tomoyo,
    smack, etc, for sandboxing. However, I think those have some
    disadvantages that I'm trying to address.

    > ...and subterfugue certainly does what you want, using ptrace... no
    > kernel mods needed and should already be secure.

    subterfugue does look interesting, but it seems like it would be pretty
    slow and hasn't been unmaintained since 2001.
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