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SubjectRe: [BUG] AS-ioscheduler: kernel panic at as_exit_queue
On Thu, Jan 08 2009, ???? ?? wrote:
> Hi Nick & Jens,
> I met a Kernel Panic with AS, the panic pc is at as_exit_queue, and panic
> when the function check whether the fifo_list[REQ_SYNC] and
> fifo_list[REQ_ASYNC] are empty or not, it would Panic if the lists are not
> empty.
> The k-panic happened when I plugged out my Micro-SD memory card
> from my phone, the log has been attached onto this mail.
> I guess there may be some conflicts between AS and Hot-plug
> mechanism, so I read the code of AS code by code to find anything
> suspicious. I find that AS might does not consider that do any operations
> to the fifo_lists when the device driver try to exit its elevator, so there
> is possibility that when device try to exit, the fifo_lists are not empty,
> and happen kernel panic, though the possibility is really really very
> small:).
> Unfortunately, I have met such k-panic more than two times, so I
> think I should get your suggestions first, and then try to do some works
> for this problem:) Look forward for your reply:)
> My Linux version : 2.6.25

Please try a newer version, I _think_ this was fixed in sd. CC'ing
Pierre, just in case.

Jens Axboe

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