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    SubjectPCI, ACPI, IRQ, IOAPIC: reroute PCI interrupt to legacy boot interrupt equivalent
    I had to exclude your changes to drivers/acpi/pci_irq.c from
    in order to get some other changes to that file upstream in the
    2.6.29 merge window.

    I left the other parts of the quirk intact - so at the moment
    on one of the quirked machines, you'll see

    PCI quirk: reroute interrupts for...

    but will not see

    pci irq %d -> rerouted to legacy

    as the quirk is effectively disabled.

    I had difficulty trying to port this patch to the new pci_irq.c
    because fundamentally I don't understand what it is trying
    to do, and why.

    The quirk is specific to Intel chipsets, so with all the
    Linux guys now working at Intel, I'm hopeful that we can
    reach a clear understanding of the issue and a consensus
    on the proper fix.

    BTW. I'm not excited about how the original patch
    drops a chipset specific workaround inside the ACPI code
    to go behind the mirrors and lie about what ACPI returns.
    I'm hopeful that a better place for the workaround
    can be found if this is the approach we need to take..

    Can you help us understand what the failure is?


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