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    SubjectRe: libata - anomaly performance with NCQ
    Bartosz SKOWRON wrote:
    > On Sat, Jan 31, 2009 at 2:07 AM, Robert Hancock <> wrote:
    >>> 1) cause the title contains "with hdparm"...does it mean that
    >>> physically the performance is OK and only hdparm shows something
    >>> wrong?
    >> Well, hdparm is a fairly crude benchmark but there's likely at least some
    >> impact in other usage.
    > It's not an answer for my question. So, should I check with other
    > benchmarks? I thought that this's issue is investigated and the answer
    > is common. Do you recommend any "not crude" benchmarks? :)

    bonnie++ is one I've used, I'm sure there are others.. Of course, what
    do you compare the results to..

    >>> 2) there is an information about upgrading firmware. as far as i know
    >>> Seagate doesn't publish firmwares. So the only way is to contact
    >>> seagate support, send the hdd and wait for the new one?
    >> I think Seagate can provide firmware updaters for the user to use, but
    >> normally only if you contact support I think.
    > I will send the email cause there is no phone line for my country.
    > BTW. upgrade firmware == damage data?

    It shouldn't, but some people with the recent 7200.11 drives that did
    firmware upgrades reported it bricked the drive, so backing up the data
    first would definitely be a good idea..

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