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SubjectRe: marching through all physical memory in software

> And if an uncorretable error is detected during the scrub, we have to
> do something about it as well. And that won't be that easy: locate
> whatever process is using that page, and so something smart to it...
> or do some emergency evasive actions if it is one of the kernel's data
> scructures, etc.
> So, as you said, "background scrubbing" and "software scrubbing" really are
> very different things, and one has to expect that background scrubbing will
> eventually trigger software scrubbing, major system emergency handling
> (uncorrectable errors in kernel memory) or minor system emergency
> handling (uncorrectable errors in process memory).
> > There is (AFAIK) no need to do any writes here, and in fact doing so is
> One might want the possibility of doing inconditional writes, because
> it helps with memory bitrot on crappy hardware where the refresh
> cycles aren't enough to avoid bitrot. But you definately won't want
> it most of the time.
> You can also implement software-based ECC using a background scrubber
> and setting aside pages to store the ECC information. Now, THAT is
> probably not worth bothering with due to the performance impact, but
> who knows...

Actually, that would be quite cool. a) I suspect memory in my zaurus
bitrots and b) bitroting memory over s2ram is apprently quite common.


(cesky, pictures)

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