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SubjectRe: [PATCH] v2 Re: Bug: Status/Summary of slashdot leap-second crash on new years 2008-2009
2009/1/3 Chris Adams <>:

> From: Chris Adams <>
> The code to handle leap seconds printks an information message when the
> second is inserted or deleted. It does this while holding xtime_lock.
> However, printk wakes up klogd, and in some cases, the scheduler tries
> to get the current kernel time, trying to get xtime_lock (which results
> in a deadlock). This moved the printks outside of the lock. It also
> adds a comment to not use printk while holding xtime_lock.
> Signed-off-by: Chris Adams <>

Acked-by: Linas Vepstas <>

BTW, I audited the other code in kernel/time/*.c and it looks like there
are no other printk's under the lock. Not surprising -- if there were,
they'd have been found by now. Indeed, in timekeeping.c line 198,
it seems that someone else had indeed tripped over this :-P


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