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SubjectRe: Creating the RT git tree
On Thu, Jan 29, 2009 at 1:06 PM, Jon Masters <> wrote:
> *). I might not be the best git user on the planet (trying to fix that)
> but I would really like to just see the patches that are specific to a
> given topic branch, without the merge noise. For example, a git log on
> the threadirqs branch shows me all the other patches in linus' tree as
> merges are done. I could do a git log --grep="threadirqs" but is there a
> better way? How do I instruct git to show me just the patches added
> specifically in threadirqs?

This seems to work for me:
git log -r origin/linus..origin/rt/threadirqs

Although git show doesn't seem to like that.


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