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    SubjectRe: [PATCH 60/80] tty: extract the pty init time special cases
    >   - any required documentation explaining how the driver works and 
    > describing
    > the API for the master side of the PTY driver ?

    The first most useful part would be understand what your pty driver does
    and is required that is not in the base one. Just an idea of what extra
    APIs it provides would be quite useful. If it is stuff like virtual modem
    lines then that is stuff I want to see supported in the base kernel

    > As mentioned above the Linux kernel has supported "out of tree" PTY type
    > TTY
    > drivers all the way back to kernel 2.2.x and up to 2.6.27. To do this the

    By chance.. as to policies about kernel recompiles, that is between you
    and the vendors. Maybe the vendors will add the symbols to their tree for
    you ?

    Equally look at the positives - if the facilities you need are in the
    base kernel your customers won't run into arguments between yourselves
    and the base kernel vendor over support.


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