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    SubjectRe: [PATCH] tracer for sys_open() - sreadahead
    2009/1/28 Frank Ch. Eigler <>:
    > Frederic Weisbecker <> writes:
    >> [...]
    >> Speaking about a global syscall tracer, I made a patch to trace only the syscalls
    >> with the function-graph-tracer.
    >> This low-level part can easily
    >> be used by all tracers that would like to inspect syscalls.
    >> [...]
    >> Just a change is needed: Steven requested that the part inside
    >> syscall_trace_enter become a tracepoint, making it totally shareable
    >> between tracers and easy to turn on and off.
    > Alternately, you could just rely on utrace's hooks. They were thought
    > out more fully with respect to parameter access, manipulation, and
    > programmatic control befitting even a debugger.
    > - FChE

    I don't know much it. But I will soon have some time to look at your
    patch which uses ftrace from utrace.
    Anyway, are there some plans about utrace to be merged? Unless I
    couldn't be able to use

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