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SubjectRe: [: [git pull] headers_check fixes]
On Wednesday 28 January 2009, Jaswinder Singh Rajput wrote:
> If we do not want to export __arch_swab32 and __arch_swab64 then we can
> put whole block in #ifdef __KERNEL__ then we will get rid of above
> solution.

For the specific x86 swab code, that would certainly be the simplest
way, user space should not be using those inline assemblies either

I think the more interesting question is whether we want to export
*any* inline helpers that are not part of the ABI to user space.
We already killed most of them (spinlocks, atomics, ...) and what
remains is basically just the byteorder code. All that is required
for the ABI is the information whether the system is big- or
little-endian, but not all the rest.

Arnd <><

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