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    SubjectRe: [: [git pull] headers_check fixes]

    * Linus Torvalds <> wrote:

    > There are parts of the patches that look fine, like moving __KERNEL__
    > checks around a bit, and changing <asm/types.h> to <linux/types.h> which
    > looks correct _both_ in a kernel and in a user context, but I dislike
    > the stupid parts.

    okay - that was the general thinking and this went through a few
    iterations already - not enough it appears. The CONFIG_* thing was
    something that looked somewhat dubious to me too - changing it to those
    random __foo symbols didnt seem like an improvement.

    Jaswider, would you mind re-doing the tree filtering out the CONFIG_*
    changes? I'll go over the end result once more to make sure it has no
    changes that make the code look worse.

    I still think what i expressed elsewhere in these threads on lkml:
    'exporting' 75,000 lines of random kernel headers to user-space is really
    stretching the term - kernel-space is unaware of it in 90% of the cases.
    "spilling our guts to user-space" would be a more fair description.

    It would be much better if we exported _much_ less and reduced our
    cross-section to user-space. Also, the include/linux/Kbuild rules are all
    but transparent: it would also be nice if whatever we exported was be
    visible straight in the header itself, to make it obvious to people who
    modify/extend those files that those definitions are going to be exported
    to user-space.

    Some __user_export tag on structures perhaps? I have no good ideas here -
    #ifdefs are ugly and tags obscure the purity of the code.


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