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SubjectRe: document ext3 requirements
Alan Cox <> writes:

> > That would be true if the disk hardware wasn't doing a gazillion retries to
> > read a bad sector internally (taking 5 seconds to come back and report
> > failure), and then the darn scsi layer added another gazillion retries on top
> > of that, and the two multiply together to make it so slow that that when you
> > leave the thing copying the disk overnight it's STILL not done 24 hours later.
> > Going in and cherry picking individual files looks kind of appealing in that
> > situation.
> You could of course just learn to use the functions the kernel provides.
> If you want to recover disk blocks without retrying you can do that via
> SG_IO. If you want to adjust the timeout and retry levels you can do that
> too via sysfs.

Sure but maybe the default values might be altered. I think the current
tradeoff has set the cursor way too far for retries.

I remember seeing I/O error on CDs resulting in zillions of retries on
errors on USB discs resulting in resetting the USB port again & again
for hours... (CD case is years ago, but I usually see the USB layer
trying reseting for quite a long time at least once per month)

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