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    SubjectSpamming linux-kernel and linux-scsi by out-of-tree patches (LIO)

    Could you stop spamming linux-kernel and linux-scsi mailing lists by
    patches for your out-of-tree LIO project, please?

    Those mailing lists are intended for patches for in-kernel components
    only, not for all out-of-tree projects, finding their ways into the
    mainline. I don't see any reason why your project should be an
    exception. Think, what a mess the kernel mailing lists would get, if all
    out-of-tree projects started sending their patches to them?

    My personal practical concerns about your patches that they trigger my
    e-mail filters, so I have to spend on them much more time than I would want.

    So, please, respect other people and stop sending your LIO patches.


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