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SubjectRe: [RFC] [PATCH] Cgroup based OOM killer controller
* Nikanth Karthikesan <> [2009-01-21 16:38:21]:

> As Alan Cox suggested/wondered in this thread,
> , this is a container group based approach
> to override the oom killer selection without losing all the benefits of the
> current oom killer heuristics and oom_adj interface.
> It adds a tunable oom.victim to the oom cgroup. The oom killer will kill the
> process using the usual badness value but only within the cgroup with the
> maximum value for oom.victim before killing any process from a cgroup with a
> lesser oom.victim number. Oom killing could be disabled by setting
> oom.victim=0.

Looking at the patch, I wonder if it is time for user space OOM
notifications that were discussed during the containers mini-summit.
The idea is to inform user space about OOM's and let user space take
action, if no action is taken, the default handler kicks in.


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