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    SubjectRe: How to generate a Kerntypes file?
    Hi Jason,

    On Thu, Jan 22, 2009 at 06:59:34PM +0800, jidong xiao wrote:
    > Hi,All,
    > Sometimes when I install a kernel I saw there is a Kerntypes file
    > installed under /boot directory, but sometimes no, I remember when I
    > install a sles9 kernel, there must be a Kerntypes file installed, but
    > most of other kernels doesn't include such a Kerntypes file. This file
    > is very useful for me to do some analysis, so I hope I can generate it
    > every time I build a kernel. Do I need a patch for this or there are
    > already some patches I can take use of?Thanks.

    You had a init/kerntypes.c in sles9 and sles10. It included a lot
    of basic kernel types. It was compiled with -g to make the kerntypes.
    I presume that you used the LKCD project's lcrash with the kerntypes.

    If you download lkcd ( you also build a
    tool called dwarfextract. It is able to pull all the structure
    definitions out of a -g (CONFIG_DEBUG_INFO) kernel and any selected
    modules. That is useful with the lcrash command.

    If you want to analyze your live system or a dump with the crash command
    ( you don't need the kerntypes, as you use
    the -g kernel itself. Although you may make kerntypes with dwarfextract
    and use them with crash also.


    > Regards
    > Jason
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