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SubjectRe: [BUG] kernel BUG at arch/x86/kernel/tlb_32.c:130!
>>> okay, a testsystem of mine just triggered this crash too.
>>> Li Zefan, Jaswinder, does the patch below fix it for you?
>> I'll test it, but I have to run for several hours to confirm it, since
>> the bug is not easy to trigger. :)
> yes. It triggered on an old 32-bit dual-socket HyperThreading system for
> me and that is because HyperThreading is very good at triggering narrow
> SMP races. (which this one certainly is)
> (I'd expect Nehalem to trigger this TLB flushing race more easily too,
> where HyperThreading made a comeback.)

Nothing bad happaned in the last 16+ hours. :)

Tested-by: Li Zefan <>

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