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SubjectRe: [Bug #12465] KVM guests stalling on 2.6.28 (bisected)

* Kevin Shanahan <> wrote:

> > This suggests some sort of KVM-specific problem. Scheduler latencies
> > in the seconds that occur under normal load situations are noticed and
> > reported quickly - and there are no such open regressions currently.
> It at least suggests a problem with interaction between the scheduler
> and kvm, otherwise reverting that scheduler patch wouldn't have made the
> regression go away.

the scheduler affects almost everything, so almost by definition a
scheduler change can tickle a race or other timing bug in just about any
code - and reverting that change in the scheduler can make the bug go
away. But yes, it could also be a genuine scheduler bug - that is always a

Could you please run a session on a CONFIG_SCHED_DEBUG=y
and CONFIG_SCHEDSTATS=y kernel, while you are experiencing those

and post that (relatively large) somewhere, or send it as a reply after
bzip2 -9 compressing it? It will include a lot of information about the
delays your tasks are experiencing.


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