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SubjectRe: Faulty seagate drives, are going to be blacklisted?
On Tue, 20 Jan 2009 00:29:23 +0100, Diego Calleja said:
> Tech sites are reporting everywhere a massive flaw in seagate drives that
> can lock up the drive and make it unusable (the bios doesn't detect it, you
> can't read the data). Haven't read anything about it here on the lists.
> Seagate has ack'ed the problem:
> So, apparently there're a lot of drives on the market (including mine)
> that can die any day. Are those drives going to be blacklisted?

The $64 question is, of course: What exactly should the operating system
*do* if it detects one of these drives? Prohibit it from bricking later
by essentially bricking it *now*? What if the drive already has a lot of
production data on it?

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