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    Subject[PATCH 0/7][v7] Container-init signal semantics

    Container-init must behave like global-init to processes within the
    container and hence it must be immune to unhandled fatal signals from
    within the container (i.e SIG_DFL signals that terminate the process).

    But the same container-init must behave like a normal process to
    processes in ancestor namespaces and so if it receives the same fatal
    signal from a process in ancestor namespace, the signal must be

    Implementing these semantics requires that send_signal() determine pid
    namespace of the sender but since signals can originate from workqueues/
    interrupt-handlers, determining pid namespace of sender may not always
    be possible or safe.

    This patchset implements the design/simplified semantics suggested by
    Oleg Nesterov. The simplified semantics for container-init are:

    - container-init must never be terminated by a signal from a
    descendant process.

    - container-init must never be immune to SIGKILL from an ancestor
    namespace (so a process in parent namespace must always be able
    to terminate a descendant container).

    - container-init may be immune to unhandled fatal signals (like
    SIGUSR1) even if they are from ancestor namespace (SIGKILL is
    the only reliable signal from ancestor namespace).

    Patches in this set:

    [PATCH 1/7] Remove 'handler' parameter to tracehook functions
    [PATCH 2/7] Protect init from unwanted signals more
    [PATCH 3/7] Add from_ancestor_ns parameter to send_signal()
    [PATCH 4/7] Protect cinit from unblocked SIG_DFL signals
    [PATCH 5/7] Protect cinit from blocked fatal signals
    [PATCH 6/7] SI_USER: Masquerade si_pid when crossing pid ns boundary
    [PATCH 7/7] proc: Show SIG_DFL signals to init as "ignored" signals

    - siginfo_from_user() and siginfo_from_ancestor_ns() are fairly simple
    and used only in send_signal(). Remove them and move the logic into
    send_signal() (Drop old patch 4, update new patch 4/7)

    - Update /proc/pid/status to include SIG_DFL signals to init in the
    "ignored" set (and remove the TODO in Patch 0/7) (Patch 7/7)


    - Patches 3,4: Have kill_pid_info_as_uid() pass in 'from_ancestor_ns'
    parameter to __send_signal() and remove SI_ASYNCIO check in
    - Patches 4,6: Update changelog and simplify code

    - Patch 2/6: Remove SIG_IGN check in sig_task_ignored() and let
    sig_handler_ignored() check SIG_IGN.
    - Patch 3/6. Put siginfo_from_ancestor_ns() back under CONFIG_PID_NS
    and remove warning in rt_sigqueueinfo().
    - (Patch 5/6)Simplify check in get_signal_to_deliver()
    - (Patch 6/6)Simplify masquerading pid
    - LTP-20081219-intermediate showed no new errors on 2.6.28-rc5-mm2.

    - [Bugfix] Patch 3/7. Check ns == NULL in siginfo_from_ancestor_ns().
    Although makes it less likely
    that ns == NULL, looks like an explicit check won't hurt ?
    - Remove SIGNAL_UNKILLABLE_FROM_NS flag and simplify logic as
    suggested by Oleg Nesterov.
    - Dropped patch that set SIGNAL_UNKILLABLE_FROM_NS and set
    SIGNAL_UNKILLABLE in patch 5/7 to be bisect-safe.
    - Add a warning in rt_sigqueueinfo() if SI_ASYNCIO is used
    (patch 3/7)
    - Added two patches (6/7 and 7/7) to masquerade si_pid for

    Changes based on discussions of previous version:

    Major changes:

    - Define SIGNAL_UNKILLABLE_FROM_NS and use in container-inits to
    skip fatal signals from same namespace but process SIGKILL/SIGSTOP
    from ancestor namespace.
    - Use SI_FROMUSER() and si_code != SI_ASYNCIO to determine if
    it is safe to dereference pid-namespace of caller. Highly
    experimental :-)
    - Masquerading si_pid when crossing namespace boundary: relevant
    patches merged in -mm and dropped from this set.

    Minor changes:

    - Remove 'handler' parameter to tracehook functions
    - Update sig_ignored() to drop SIG_DFL signals to global init early
    (tried to address Roland's and Oleg's comments)
    - Use 'same_ns' flag to drop SIGKILL/SIGSTOP to cinit from same

    Limitations/side-effects of current design

    - Container-init is immune to suicide - kill(getpid(), SIGKILL) is
    ignored. Use exit() :-)

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